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AERB Recommended Test

  • Correspondence between X-Ray Field and Image Reception Area
  • Effective Focal Spot Size Measurement
  • Accuracy and Reproducibility of X-Ray Tube Voltage (kV)
  • Accuracy of X-Ray Tube Current (mA)
  • Accuracy of Irradiation Time (t)
  • Accuracy of Current Time Product (mAs)
  • Radiation Output Measurement
  • Reproducibility of Radiation Output without Automatic Exposure Control Activated
  • Linearity and Constancy of Air Kerma
  • Constancy of Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) on Film Screen Receptors
  • Total Filtration and Aluminum Equivalence of the Compression Device
  • Radiation Leakage Levels from X-Ray Tube Housing and Collimator at 1 meter from the Focus
    • Calibration of Compression Device
    • Radiation protection survey