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Industrial Radiology

QA tests for various types of radiology based machines / equipments. Nowadays, peoples are exposed more in X-ray by many ways other than clinical / medical procedures. For example, baggage scanners used in airports / railway stations etc., thickness gauge in steel plants, boiler industries and precious tool manufacturing units. Hence, to avoid the uncertainty conditions we do the systemized QA tests to maintain optimum limit of radiation exposure and critical data as per manufacturer standard.


  • Measure Dose Level
  • Current Rating
  • Tube Peak Voltage
  • Focal Spot Test
  • Beam Alignment Test
  • Beam Filter
  • Half Value Thickness
  • Tube Housing Leakage
  • Radiation Output
  • Resolution Test in Image intensifier
  • Leakage & Scatter Radiation from Tube
  • Leakage Radiation in Work Station
These tests are mandatory for equipment registration from AERB and yearly report submission to AERB. Above said tests are mandatory when the machine is shifted from one place to another place. This test is recommended for the machine model like Portable, Mobile, Fixed, Fluoroscopy Image intensifier and all radiation generating equipments.