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About Us

Radiation Detection and Safety by VMD Medical systems

Radiation safety and quality assurance is top of mind for hospitals, nuclear power facilities, nuclear medicine laboratories, x-ray manufacturers. VMD offers a complete line of radiation detection and solutions that allow these professionals the versatility they need to get the job done and the quality they trust in a radiation-safety device.


VMD Engineers and Radiation Safety Officers are well trained in doing quality assurance test for radiological equipments. They have undergone training and certified by AERB, Mumbai. Our engineer will do the thorough check and identify the radiation leakage and confirm whether the machine is good to go for regular usage. Performance test result will be provided based on the analysis and the same has been verified by the RSO. QA certificate also be given for each machines with the validity period.


  • to minimize the radiation exposure to patient and staff
  • to ensure the consistent provision of prompt and accurate diagnosis of patients
  • to maintain the quality of diagnostic images with cost effective