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WHAT IS QA: Quality assurance (QA) is a program used to maintain optimal diagnostic image quality with minimum hazard and distress to patients.

WHY QA: The exposure connected with diagnostic / therapy procedures cannot be avoided, there are means to reduce it as much as possible by way of QA / periodic maintenance. For the protection of patients, workers and the public for example, provincial government agencies like AERB enact legislation and take necessary steps to ensure that only safe and properly installed x-ray equipment is used in diagnostic x-ray facilities. Also, in most provinces and in federal institutions there is a requirement that each diagnostic x-ray facility have in place a basic quality assurance (QA) program to control the quality of diagnostic images.

IMPORTANCE OF QA: An ineffective quality assurance program can lead to poor quality radiograms that can impair diagnosis, increase operating costs and contribute to unnecessary radiation exposure to both patients and staff. Any extension of the basic quality assurance program is the responsibility of each x-ray facility. To achieve maximum benefit, all levels of management and technical staff must support and participate in the operation of a well-defined program.